• Alptech Industries is an engineering and financial services consulting firm specializing in the utility and energy
    markets. With over 25 years experience in design, construction and corporate accounting, Alptech Industries is
    a trusted resource for consulting expertise.

  • PSC Program Management

    With over 25 years of experience in the natural gas utility business, Alptech Industries is a proven source for engineering, design, construction and compliance.

    1. Provide Engineering and Financial Management of Capital Programs Tracked by State Regulators

      a) Accelerated Replacement Programs and Gas Expansion

      I. Provide Field Engineers to verify construction application to specific programs
      II. Provide Financial Services to prepare “Rate Case Ready” backup financial documentation
      III. Support Filings and provide expert testimony in Rate Cases
      IV. Track progress of Program and provide periodic reporting
      V. Provide Quality Control and Oversight of all documentation and close out – Review, Record and Validate